Bartek Wąsik


On 13th September, in the Sculpture Park, I am going to play the fourth and last concert, which will be the summary of the entire Pianokrąg cycle. This time I am going to present my own compositions, completing the atmosphere of the previous concerts. I find it hard to believe it's over, but I'm looking forward to the future and want to meet you again in 2021, especially as I am preparing a few surprises. More about the event HERE


On 3rd September, at the opening concert of the Four Cultures Festival in Łódź, together with Mela Koteluk and the Kwadrofonik ensemble, we played songs from the album Astronomia poety. Baczyński [Astronomy of the Poet. Baczyński]. It was the second time we performed this material - playing live for such an audience is always touching!


Works on recording the Włącz Duet [Turn on the Duo] project are in full swing at the Aligator Studio in Warsaw. It includes almost ten compositions for piano duo, which take an important place in our - Lutosławski Piano Duo’s - repertoire. We will tell you how they were created, how we practice them and, finally, what challenges they pose. All this will take place as part of the Kultura w Sieci [Culture on the Net] programme, the effects of which you will be able to see soon.


If you would like to immerse yourselves in Max Richter's miniatures, the cosmos of songs by Radiohead or the pulsating compositions by Philip Glass, I would like to remind you that all my previous Pianokrąg concerts are available HERE